Daughters are cherished in Islam

Image1311 ..and inshaAllah, they are glad tidings for their parents. Praise be to Allah! The Prophet (saw) said in this authentic hadith:  

“Whoever has three daughters whom he gives a safe home, provides for and shows mercy to, Paradise is certainly guaranteed for him.” A man asked, “And (for) two, O Messenger of Allah?” He (peace be upon him) replied “And also (for the one who has) two (daughters).” [Ahmad] [Bukhari in Al-Adab Al-Mufrad] 

*in another narration, the Prophet (saw) also includes the one who has 1 daughter.

So daughters should know how much this beautiful deen values them, and how much compassion and honour Allah has bestowed on them. Meanwhile parents should celebrate the fact that their daughters, if treated kindly and raised with mercy, will be their tickets to Jannah, inshaAllah!

Daughters have every right, as decreed by Allah and affirmed by the Prophet (saw), to pursue education, to excel in knowledge and other skills that they have been blessed with. A girl’s education is never of secondary importance to a boy’s – in fact the Prophet (saw) said seeking knowledge is a duty for every Muslim man and every Muslim woman. (Sahih – Ibn Majah).

Of course, all children, girls and boys, are special and precious; but the Prophet (saw)’s teachings, and his loving example with his own 4 daughters, carry particular importance and relevance in today’s society where sadly women are not always treated well –  and we shouldn’t think it’s just a problem for any one community, because it applies to almost all communities, Muslim as well as non-Muslim, of all national/cultural backgrounds. This must change; and inshaAllah if Muslim families truly follow the command of Allah, and the message of the Prophet (saw), they can strive to set the example in society.

Here is a great reminder, by Sh. Omar Suleiman on this topic – less than 14 minutes long, really is worth a watch.

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